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John Zimmel

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About Me
Asking my favorite question (wich is) What the different between mostly sunny and partly cloudy?

Favorite Music
Dub Fx, Tiesto, Avicii, Dave Matthews Band, Led Zeppelin

Favorite Movies
Yes Man , The Amazing Burt Wonderstone, Argo, Exit Though The Gift Shop, Drumline, Ted

Favorite Books
No Talking, Frindle, Code Talker, World War Z

General About Me
Hello there, Iím John Zimmel Iím the author of The Unknown World (TUW) I was born on January 5, 1998. I was adopted from Ukraine when I was about 6 months. I also am a DJ in Greenwich, CT (my DJ website will be posted.) I love writing, music, comedy and magic trick. Right now Iím a sophomore in high school at Greenwich Education Group. I previously had been to Eagle Hill School, Wediko Children Services. Thank you for reading TUW, John Zimmel www.jzdj12-music.com

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