Chapter 9- The Hunt

Now that I was away from the zombies I had to find the leader and kill him. I watch a lot of zombie TV shows and movies. My knowledge was to hit the zombie in the brain. The only hard part was to find the primary zombie. I knew that once I hit the primary zombie all the others would be confused and be easier to kill. So from up in the tree I was looking for the zombie like a hawk hunting his pray. Then I think I found him, but I only had to find a weapon of some kind. I remembered I took a pocketknife from the tent. I broke a branch off the tree to make a spear.  Once the branch was broken off. I heard a not so good of a sound. The part of the tree I was sitting on was starting to break. As fast as I could I climbed up the tree. What I failed to realize was the tree was old and rotten. The tree fell. I was wondering who could save me.

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