Chapter 3- The Lost Hill

Near the top of the hill I see a sign reading The Lost Hill. Then in smaller text beware of… the paint had faded I could not read the rest of the sign. I didn’t know what to do I keep on going. My eyes were wide open even though I didn’t get a good night sleep. I see something weird in the distance so I walk closer. As I get closer saw what is was. It was the biggest house I’ve ever seen. I thought “oh boy what now.”  The house was a dark brick and some windows were smashed. I gathered the courage to walk in. it wasn’t a god idea. It was like an Egyptian pyramid all the hallways lead nowhere. I now was stuck inside this massive house with no way of getting out. There was very dim light even though it was about 2:00 in the afternoon. Then out of nowhere I hear thunder sounds. I found a window and looked outside, and it was down poring. “I guess I’m staying here for the night,” I said to myself.            

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