Chapter 13- A Day Not to Forget (Gordon Day)

All night I was working on the grave for Gordon. I buried right out side of his house. As I buried him I was crying the lords payer. “I’ll miss you Gordon and I wont let you down.” I said to his grave. I found some flowers to leave. Then I packed up and left. As I was walking away from Gordon’s house I was really sad. “I can’t believe this Gordon is gone forever,” I said to myself. I found my way back to the fork in the rod and back down the road I had started on. I hiked for hours on end making sure not to run into any zombies. About 3 and half hours in my hike I heard a shuffle in the bushes. I stopped I knew it was a higher chance of being a zombie. Clouds started to cover the sky and thunder began. It started to rain harder and harder. Now I was out in the rain hiking. I had to make shelter and a fire fast. I made my shelter out of broken down trees. Fire was the hard to make. The fire finally caught. The only problem was a spark from the fire landed on a leaf. My shelter caught on fire. “Oh, no,” I said to myself. The fire spread to other trees. I had now just started a forest fire. There was no one to put out the fire the rain helped a little but… not a lot. I was just praying for the fire not to reach Gordon’s house. 

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