Chapter 1- Just the Beginning


As the day went on my eyes grew heavier and heavier. I fell asleep on the armchair in the living room. A nice warm spot where the sun hit at about 3:30 in the afternoon. Then I fell in a deep sleep and, the world opened up. The day I got there it was a foggy, cloudy and cold day. I can remember waking up by a lake with mountains around me. But the funny thing was I could see another planet it almost looked earth like. I was really confused so I stood up and started to walk around. Two hours in my hike to find any habituated areas the day began to clear up. Then I saw a makeshift tent so I ran down these rocks yelling “Hello anyone?” no response. As I was running down the rocks I fell on my foot. I was yelling “ help” the echo of my voice made me feel like I was alone in this world. So I laid there for a little, then I dragged myself to the tent. I looked inside I was shocked a body of a 32 year old man. Now scared and anxious. Who would do this; I knew that I could be their next target. I took the body out of the tent and cleaned up the tent. Hopping around on one foot trying not to put any pressure on my bad one. I spent the night in the tent keeping in the back of my mind to watch out for the killer. My night wasn’t a very good night sleep I was constantly thinking about the body I found. Then the next morning I just laid there in big sighs of relief and grateful to be alive! Luckily it was a clear day not even one cloud in the sky. I thought it would be a perfect day to keep going on my journey. I tried to stand up forgetting about my foot, and surprisingly it felt a little better. So I started my hike limping very slowly away from the tent. I started to feel a little teary as I was walking thinking about the happy time I’ve had in life. I stopped walking sat down on a rock and began praying the Lords Prayer. Half way through the prayer I hear something I stood up and said “hello?” with a questioning tone in my voice. Then I hear a rustle in the leaves about 200 feet away from me. I limped as fast I could repeating like a broken record in my mind “oh no it’s the killer.” Then I saw a dirt road I thought “civilization” I followed the road for about an hour and a half. It felt like it was never ending, but then the road split. It to long to go back, so there was only two options one go down the left side or the right side. I sat down and looked up to the sky and just for a few short seconds I closed my eyes. I decided to go left and  I couldn’t believe what I saw. A small log cabin I ran up to it looked in the window on the front porch. It looked like no one has been in there for years. I checked the door it was open, but hard to open I swung my full body at the door. It swung open. I looked behind the door to see what was in its way. On the back of the door there was a splatter of blood. Now I was really panicking. Then I was walking around the house watch my back saying “anyone home?” the house appeared empty.   Until I hear small footsteps upstairs I hid in the kitchen I grabbed a knife just in case of an emergency. It was just a cat. The cat looked at me and then walking back upstairs. I followed it into a bedroom. The door shut closed I ran to the nearest window and said to myself  “crap locked.” I see this shadow of a man walking toward me my breath got deeper and deeper. The man’s shadow left. I took the biggest breath of relief. “I got to get out of here” I said to myself. I ran down stairs and ran to the door it was locked. ”Hello there” this low voice from the other side of the room. “ h- hi” I stuttered

“Don’t be scared” the voice said “I‘m Gordon, I’ve been stuck in the house for 45 years. “ I’m Dmitri it’s nice to meet you.”

 “You to, if you don’t mind me asking what are you doing here?” Gordon said.

“I don’t even know where I’m.” I said.

“ You now entered the Unknown World.” Gordon replied.

“I guess I’ll be going now.” I said.

“No stay if you would like” Gordon answered.

“No I must really get going now.” I said in a rush

“Ok you know where I am.” Gordon politely said

  I ran out of the house and found my way back to the fork in the road, but this time I went right. The road seamed endless even long the other one four hours later I reached the end. I looked up I was back at the house. I just did a big circle. I walked back into the house and Gordon greeted me I said, “How do you get out of here.”

“ I don’t know I’ve been trying to get out ever since I’ve been lock up here.” Gordon said.

I asked “may I spend the night?”

“Of course” Gordon replied. “Let me get you a blanket.”

As Gordon walked away I looked at the pictures sitting in dust on the fire mantle. “Here you…” Gordon couldn’t finish his sentence.

“You where married.” I said

“Yeah I miss her so much, Margit her name was” Gordon got some tears in his eyes. “I’m very sorry Gordon.” I said with sympathy.

“See you in the morning.” Gordon said as he was walking up stairs.    

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